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Fears Prince Harry will pull last minute 'stunt' that risks jeopardising Coronation

NewsFears Prince Harry will pull last minute 'stunt' that risks jeopardising Coronation

In spite of the King’s efforts to build bridges with his estranged family, Mr Bower claimed he was playing into Harry and Meghan’s hands.

He told GB News: “I think there is more to come. She’s the master of the unexpected…so I’m sure that when Harry is here, or just before he arrives, something else will come out of California.

“And unfortunately, it’ll overshadow what the Coronation is meant to be about.”

It is unclear where Harry will be seated in the Abbey, with Mr Bower suggesting that if he is placed away from other senior family members it may cause an upset.

He added: “I’ve always suspected that [Harry] didn’t want to come. I didn’t think he would come and I think he’s looking for an excuse not to come because quite clearly he has been put back into the guest list area of the Abbey rather than the front.

“I suspect he’ll look for an excuse until the very last moment not to come. And that’ll be the stunt they’ll pull.”

However other royal pundits disagree, believing Harry is likely to have been given a top spot due to being the son of the monarch, and to avoid the royals looking “petty”.

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Gareth Russell told this week’s edition of True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: “If I was advising [the Palace] on PR, I would put [Harry] up close and centre. I don’t think it will look good [if he’s not].

“It will look petty, even if it’s a reason of state or politics. And this is fundamentally not a family reunion, this is an occasion of state and of theology as much as anything else.

“But this is also something with an eye to the visual, and how it will play out in the world. If it looks like the Duke of Sussex is being punished or relegated, it will feed into a potential narrative of the family being seen again as heartless and petty.”

Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl added: “He can’t look like he’s been shoved into one of the lesser pews. He’s a family member, he’s the King’s second son, he’s coming over for the Coronation, he’s not going to be hidden behind a pillar!”

Daily Mail Editor Richard Kay agreed, saying: “I think the seating is crucial, where he’s placed. They would be very churlish if they put him alongside Prince Andrew at the back. I think that would be a very bad look.”

The prince is expected to make a very brief trip to the UK for the Coronation, possibly even flying back to California as soon as the ceremony has wrapped up.

The date, May 6, is also his son Prince Archie’s fourth birthday and Harry will be keen to celebrate the occasion with the family, thought to be a major factor in Meghan’s decision not to attend.

A source told The Sun: “The King is happy that Harry, his son, who he calls his ‘darling boy’ will be at the Abbey.

“He wanted him there. It is sad, he is very disappointed that he won’t see Meghan or his grandchildren but understands the situation.

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