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First-time buyers create perfect home from rundown house after '10-minute snap decision'

NewsFirst-time buyers create perfect home from rundown house after '10-minute snap decision'

A couple who brought their first home revealed how they were “laughed at” for the purchase which needed extreme renovations. Amy Wright, 24, and partner David Lavery, 25, had to make a “snap decision” when they saw the house for the first time after having just ten minutes to submit an offer before the estate agents closed. The couple got the keys to the house in Liverpool in November 2022 and instantly began renovations.

The couple said they were “laughed at” for purchasing the property just before Christmas.

But online fitness coach Amy and project manager David have managed to turn the house around in a matter of months, adding in neutral tones and splashes of black throughout the once-aged property.

They also added pricey herringbone flooring and a statement glass fireplace built into the media wall in the living room.

The bathroom has also doubled in size after they decided to take down a partition wall and adding in a walk-in shower and bath.

Amy told the LiverpoolEcho: “I think the whole thing was a challenge, but in a good way – we love a challenge. Me and David get asked quite a lot about how we managed to do most of the hard part in two months, but you just take it one step at a time.

“It’s the best feeling seeing it come to life and it actually starting to become a home. I am loving furnishing it, but I have to be honest – I am missing the whole renovation part of the journey we had at the start.

“Even though it was hard work, I loved every minute of it. It really is the most satisfying thing ever seeing a shell become your home. Even just knocking down little walls, stripping paint off, seeing your skirting boards put in, it’s so good.”

The couple are planning to tackle the garden next which needs extensive work after being left to overgrow.

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Amy added: “We have loved every minute of it. We’re now on to doing the garden and it’s giving us that spark back again.”

“Because I’m such an indecisive person, picking the paint colour was so hard.

“My favourite spot is the bathroom definitely. It’s the only room that is fully finished. I wanted to go for a hotel vibe, and I think we definitely achieved this.

“However, I do love the living room. It just needs furniture but I am obsessed with the media wall from LD Media Walls.”

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