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Flight descends into chaos as passenger has meltdown and yells 'I'm being trafficked'

NewsFlight descends into chaos as passenger has meltdown and yells 'I'm being trafficked'

A Southwest flight descended into chaos when a passenger had an epic meltdown and started claiming she was being “trafficked” when the crew intervened.

Clips circulating on social media show a woman wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses shouting at flight attendants to “get off” before she shoved a stewardess.

As she spotted someone filming her, she turned towards the camera and yelled: “Get the f*** off me! I am being trafficked! I am being human trafficked! Leave me alone.”

The crew can be heard asking whether there “is someone who can help provide assistance,” as the seemingly distraught woman keeps yelling.

As the flight attendant grabs her wrists to keep her from moving, the woman bizarrely yelled: “They’re trying to put stuff on me! Get off! Get the f*** off!”

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The woman is then seen turning towards two other crew members as the woman who held her by the wrists got a hold of her upper arms.

The grasp did not appear to hinder her, as she held her fists high towards the other two members of staff, including a brown-haired woman who appeared to tell her to “calm down.”

As the flight attendants push her to the front of the plane, the woman said: “This is going to go on TikTok so I look crazy but I’m being human trafficked. I am being human trafficked.”

A male steward then approaches her and seemingly forces her onto a seat as a member of security constrains her as she screams: “Leave me alone, guys, no. No, no.

“If they have your family hostage, don’t believe it. They use f****ng emotional manipulation! This is not real!”

Another passenger, who at the start of the clip sat next to the crew members as they tried to calm the woman down, is seen standing halfway through after he was hit in the face by the hysterical passenger.

He is then seen towards the end of the video helping the female steward hold onto the woman while she appears to be cuffed.

The incident allegedly unfolded on a Southwest flight from New York to Kansas City. It is unclear what happened to the woman after she was removed from the plane.

According to the International Labour Organization, human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal activity of the century.

The enterprise is believed to be worth an estimated £120 billion, with more than 40 million people currently trapped in captivity.

Southwestern in 2019 launched a curriculum in partnership with Polaris to educate its 60,000 on recognising signs of human trafficking among passengers.

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