Flu jab may reduce severe effects of COVID-19 – including sepsis and strokes

The study, published in the journal Plot One, analysed electronic records of more than 74,000 who tested positive for COVID-19.

On their quest to examine the potential benefits of the influenza vaccine against COVID-19, researchers found that there was strong evidence the annual flu shot reduces the risks of stroke, sepsis, and deep vein thrombosis in patients with COVID-19.

Senior study author Devinder Singh, professor of clinic surgery at the Miller School, said: “Only a small fraction of the world has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to date, and with all the devastation that has occurred due to the pandemic, the global community still needs to find solutions to reduce mortality.

“Having access to the real-time data of millions of patient is an incredibly powerful research too.Together with asking important questions, my team has been able to observe an association between the flu vaccine and reduced morbidity in COVID-19 patients.”

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