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Frantic rush to save the beautiful French village at risk of being swallowed by lake

NewsFrantic rush to save the beautiful French village at risk of being swallowed by lake

Officials in France are racing to release water from a glacial lake which risks overflowing and potentially flooding a beautiful village.

The lake was formed when melting at the Bossons Glacier accelerated because of rising temperatures caused by climate change.

Workers are digging channels to release some of the water with some 15,000 cubic metres set to be drained, according to local authorities.

The lake threatens to flood the hamlet of Bossons near the resort town of Chamonix, which lies at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the Alps.

Bossons Glacier is fed from icefields on the northern side of Mont Blanc. It descends near the Aiguille du Midi and ends on the southern side of the Arve valley near Chamonix.

Eric Fournier, Mayor of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, told French news website franceinfo precautionary work to prevent the glacial lake from overflowing is underway.

In comments translated from French, he added: “The formation of lakes at the foot of glaciers is a consequence of climate change at these mid-altitudes.”

Mr Fournier said there was no imminent risk or danger, but in such matters it was better to be extremely cautious.

The mayor went on to say people living in the area would not need to be evacuated because of the measures being taken. He said: “We only intervene when there is likely to be a danger to people or property.

“Fortunately, this is not often the case. For the most part, the glaciers don’t overlook houses.”

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