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Fugitive fakes his own death to avoid rape charges now claims to be British man

NewsFugitive fakes his own death to avoid rape charges now claims to be British man

An American turned red with rage after faking his death and being confronted with his fake identity.

Nicholas Alahverdian, also known as Nicholas Rossi, 35, pretended to be a British man called Arthur Knight.

And while on NBC’s Dateline, he appeared to fake not being able to stand up while flanked by his wife.

Alahverdian, originally from Rhode Island, is facing extradition to the US over accusations he raped a woman in 2008.

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In the sensational clip from April 2022, Alahverdian’s glasses steam up with rage as he protests behind an oxygen mask that he is not the criminal.

“I am not Nicholas Alahverdian,” he says in a bizarre accent. “I do not know how to make this clearer.”

In another part of the interview, he appeared beside his wife Miranda Knight and said: “We were once a normal family, but thanks to the media our lives have been interrupted.

“And we’d like privacy and I would like to go back to being a normal husband, but I can’t because I can’t breathe, I can’t walk.”

After a moment where he attempts to show he cannot stand, Alahverdian was asked if he was faking a disability.

“That is a low blow, that is a very low blow,” he protests.

The man posing as Arthur Knight was flagged as Alahverdian thanks to arm tattoos described in an Interpol alert.

He was flagged to police after he was admitted to hospital in Glasgow during October 2021 suffering from Covid-19.

Alahverdian subsequently refused to provide fingerprint or DNA samples, but was eventually fingerprinted in July 2022 after he was arrested for threatening hospital staff.

Prosecutors said the prints matched those of Alahverdian, and a judge ruled that he was the man in question back in November 2022.

Speaking in January, Utah county attorney David Leavitt said there was a rape charge against Alahverdian, which dated back to 2008.

US authorities are seeking Alahverdian’s extradition over allegations of rape and sexual assault, and say he faked his own death and fled to Scotland.

On Thursday Alahverdian failed to appear for a hearing in Edinburgh after an “altercation”, a court was told.

He was seen leaving Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court in a wheelchair and the extradition hearing was postponed until a later date.

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