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Fury at ‘selfish’ passenger refusing to give up seat to elderly woman on crowded bus

NewsFury at ‘selfish’ passenger refusing to give up seat to elderly woman on crowded bus

A “selfish” passenger refused to give up her seat to an elderly woman, leaving her standing on a packed bus as it made its way through a city. The incident was recalled by one disappointed user on Reddit.

The user, u/Storytime, wrote: “I live in a bustling city where public transportation is a necessity for most people, including myself. One morning, as I boarded my usual bus to work, I noticed it was more crowded than usual, and all the seats were taken.

“A few stops later, an elderly woman with a cane boarded the bus. Seeing her struggle to maintain her balance, I quickly offered her my spot by the handrail. She thanked me, and I shuffled further back into the bus to make room for her.

“That’s when I encountered the entitled passenger. She was a well-dressed woman in her late thirties, sitting comfortably in one of the priority seats reserved for the elderly, disabled, or pregnant.”

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The user added: “She was scrolling through her phone, seemingly oblivious to the elderly woman who had just boarded.

“Feeling it was the right thing to do, I politely asked the woman if she would mind giving up her priority seat for the elderly woman with the cane. The entitled passenger looked up from her phone, rolled her eyes, and scoffed.

“’Why should I?’ she snapped. ‘I got here first. She can stand just like everyone else.’ I was taken aback by her response but persisted, explaining that the priority seats were designated for people who might need them more, like the elderly woman who was clearly struggling to stand.”

The user said despite their pleas, the woman refused to offer her seat to the elderly woman struggling to stand.

She reportedly “huffed” and said she wasn’t going to move because she had a long day ahead of her and that she deserved the seat.

The user continued: “Feeling frustrated, I looked around for support from my fellow passengers. Fortunately, a kind man sitting nearby had overheard our conversation and offered his seat to the elderly woman, who gratefully accepted.

“As the bus continued on its route, the entitled passenger remained in her priority seat, smirking and scrolling through her phone, seemingly proud of her refusal to give up her seat for someone in need. 

“It was a stark reminder that entitled people can be found anywhere, even on a crowded city bus.”

The user added: “While it’s disappointing to witness such selfish behaviour, it’s heartening to know that there are still kind and considerate individuals who are willing to step up and do the right thing in the face of entitlement.”

The post received a sympathetic response on Reddit. One user wrote: “I hate those type of entitled people.” The person who wrote the original post replied agreeing and said people like that were “so annoying”.

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