Garden fit for a Queen: Grow royal's favourite plant – 'white flowers with rich perfume'


Garden fit for a Queen: Grow royal's favourite plant – 'white flowers with rich perfume'

Chris Bonnett is the CEO of Gardening ExpressThe highly anticipated Queen’s Jubilee has finally arrived and many of us will be hosting family and f

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Chris Bonnett is the CEO of Gardening Express

The highly anticipated Queen’s Jubilee has finally arrived and many of us will be hosting family and friends over this week and weekend. We’ve rounded up some regal themed plants that are great for a garden fit for a Queen which include some of Her Majesty’s favourite plants and some that include the names of the members of the Royal Family like the gorgeous Diana Princess of Wales Rose.

What better flower to start off with than the Queen’s favourite?

It’s been reported that Her Majesty’s favourite flower is Lily of the Valley, also known as the Convallaria.

These white, bell-shaped flowers have a rich perfume scent and grow really well in shady areas. Lily of the Valley looks great in Spring and is a good choice for a shady border.

What better way is there to impress your guests than by telling them you have the Queen’s favourite flower right in your garden?

Another regal themed plant is the “Monarch’s Velvet” – the name says it all.

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This is definitely a stand out plant in any garden, with the intense red flowers being an instant eye catcher around green foliage.

This is definitely one to have if you’re interested in attracting bees over the summer. Just remember that these flowers need full and direct sun in order to thrive.

If you want to stick with the theme of rich and intense colours whilst planning your royal garden then consider the Buddleia “Royal Red”.

Like the Monarch’s Velvet, the Royal Red is great for attracting bees.

It also makes for a good border but I would avoid planting it with the Lily of the Valley as that plant requires shade and the Royal Red prefers full sun. It’s also pretty hardy but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Make sure you do not let it dry out during sunny spells and aim to keep it in well-drained soil.

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If you’re looking for a regal themed plant with a lighter colour then I’d recommend the Salvia Rose Queen.

Although they’re definitely bright in colour, they’re a lot less intense than the Monarch’s Velvet and the Royal Red.

These beautiful pink and purple flowers look truly stunning when planted at the front of a border and again, they’re quite hardy.

Make sure to place this flower in an area where it’s exposed to both sun and partial shade.

You can’t get more on theme than by having plants named directly after members of the Royal Family.

The Diana Princess of Wales Rose was first introduced in 1998 and is a beautiful yet subtle flower with pink and peach ombre petals that honours one of the most loved women in the world.

Your friends and guests will definitely be in awe of this one and I really do think it’s a must have if you want your garden to be on trend with the royal theme.

Ideally you want to keep this in full sun and it will need a deep and frequent water in order to keep the soil moist but be careful not to over water.

William and Kate also have a number of flowers dedicated in their name and one of my favourites is the Rosa William and Catherine.

This is a beautiful and delicate white rose, perfect for growing as part of a border or in a rose bed.

It needs partial to full fertile soil and it’s important to keep this one well drained.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to what you want in your garden and hopefully this week you’ll take some of our royal themed inspiration.