Gardening expert on the ‘best way’ to repair patchy lawns and stop birds eating grass seed

There’s nothing worse than a patchy lawn in the summer months. A patchy lawn can turn muddy in the rain if left untreated so repairing it now will not only make your garden look better but will ensure it doesn’t look messy further on down the line. Gardening expert at, Callum Maddock has shared his top tips for fixing your patchy lawn.

He added: “To prevent your seeds from being eaten by birds, you should protect them by applying another layer of top soil.

“The grass seed and soil should then be watered daily to ensure maximum growth.”

The best time to plant grass seed is in the late spring or early summer.

Another great time to sow seeds is when temperatures are 26C or higher.

If you’re often busy in the mornings, then using a sprinkler system with a timer might be the best way to do this.

Another tip from the experts is to use lawn feed to give the grass an extra boost.

Not everyone likes to use chemicals and lawn feed but it can help in the heat.

The gardening experts suggest using fertiliser immediately after mowing the lawn.

However, they recommend not using chemicals on the ground if it’s parched as the salt can intensify the already thirsty lawn.

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