Gardening tips: FIVE ways to prevent knee pain while gardening

For those with the means, gardening is a viable method for improving the mind and body. The pastime allows people to spend time outside with gentle physical contact, creating a viable replacement for more strenuous exercise. But some people may experience some discomfort when gardening, especially around their knees.

How do you protect your knees when gardening?

Gardeners may need the hobby to strengthen their bodies, but kneeling to tend flowerbeds puts undue pressure on the knees.

Knee pain may hit hardest for older people relying on the pastime to help their joints.

Thankfully, people who regularly work in the field have thought of several ways to combat the discomfort that comes from it.

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Keep the garden at arm’s length

People who find themselves with chronic knee pains should try and keep them off the ground altogether.

They can opt for tools on a long pole, allowing them to do the work while standing up.

Alternatively, they could also install flower beds on a raised platform that allows them to get close to the action without crouching.

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