GB News: Farage slams Gove after poll warns Tories could lose 1.3m voters over net zero


GB News: Farage slams Gove after poll warns Tories could lose 1.3m voters over net zero

The former UKIP leader spoke with Onward's Ed Birkett on GB News after the think tank revealed the Tories could lose millions of voters over net ze

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The former UKIP leader spoke with Onward’s Ed Birkett on GB News after the think tank revealed the Tories could lose millions of voters over net zero targets. The poll found that the Conservative Party could lose up to 1.3million voters if they do not achieve the target of net zero by 2050.

The research also showed 64 percent of voters support the UK’s plan to reach net zero by 2050, which is seven times the share of those who oppose the policy.

Farage, who recently launched a campaign to hold a referendum on the climate change target after claiming it could cost £1trillion, criticised the policy for not reflecting “the hard realities of life for the majority”, many of whom cannot afford to buy electric cars and heat pumps.

Speaking on GB News the former politician stated: “We’ve been paying rich landowners fortunes just for siting wind turbines on their land and it’s you guys in this renewable club allied to the Michael Gove’s and people in the Labour Party.

“You’ve put all this upon us without telling us the truth, that to me is the fundamental objection here.”

Mr Birkett noted that he is open to further transparency and that supporters across the parties support the emissions target and the main aspects of the strategy to achieve it.

In response Farage rebuked: “Because they don’t know the racquet do they? They don’t know what they’ve been charged.”

Mr Farage who is advocating for the use of British shale gas over importing natural gas which he claims “can slash our energy bills and create a sovereign wealth fund for generations” criticised our continued imports of gas and coal.

The pair continued to clash as Mr Birkett noted the importance of the strategy to combine wind and nuclear power, the latter of which Farage noted is a decade away.

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Birkett stated: “I think it’s perfectly reasonable for the Government to say, as it has done, ‘We’re going for net zero but that’s a transition and as we transition, we want to minimise our imports of fossil fuels’.”

The GB News host replied: “We’re heading towards net zero by not producing our own energy here, by exporting huge numbers of manufacturing jobs.

“The fact is the whole thing is a nonsense because global CO2 emissions are not reducing as a result of those two actions.

“How do we get some common sense into this debate?”

He continued: “Boris Johnson boasts ‘we’ve cut carbon emissions more than any other western country’ … but we’ve done it, you know the steelworks at Redcar closes, and it goes to India the goods are made in India under lower environmental standards and then exported back to this country and we think we’re doing well!”

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Birkett concluded: “Yeah, and actually we are probably measuring it the wrong way, we should be measuring the carbon consumption of what we’re actually consuming in the UK.”

Farage had previously stated that “the UK must become energy self-sufficient”, which he stated was “achievable with Britain’s own resources”. 

The former Brexit Party leader even suggested the move could help provide the North of England with tens of thousands of well-paid jobs.