Gen. Keane blasts Biden's 'callous indifference' toward Afghan people

Gen. Jack Keane joined ‘The Story’ to weigh in on President Biden’s exit strategy from Afghanistan.

GEN JACK KEANE: I think, it’s sad to say – I don’t like making this comment, but I do believe there’s a bit of a callous indifference that President Biden has when it comes to the Afghan people and a lack of a moral compass and empathy for the suffering that’s taking place here and the obligation. We were fighting side by side here against radical Islam. We were here because America was attacked. The Taliban is complicit in being the host for the Al-Qaeda, who attacked us, and the Afghans have sacrificed 66,000 soldiers, over 50,000 civilians in this fight alongside of us.

They are our allies in this fight. There’s all sorts of issues as we know in terms of how things could have been better; mistakes were made. There’s no denying the fact that for 20 years they stood up against this radical Islamic movement for their own self-interests but also for the security of the American people and our NATO allies and for some reason, he hasn’t been able to embrace that. He made a flippant statement in 1975 dealing with the South Vietnamese, and he said we have no obligation to evacuate one or 100,000 South Vietnamese. I mean that is a terrible statement. Truth is his predecessors evacuated over 100,000 of them. 


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