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Girl, 6, left unable to walk properly after horrifying dog attack by German Shepherd

NewsGirl, 6, left unable to walk properly after horrifying dog attack by German Shepherd

A six-year-old girl has been left unable to walk properly after a horrifying dog attack. Angel-Mae Dawson was playing outside her home in Meir when a German Shepherd attacked her on Saturday evening at around 7pm.

Her dad, Jack Dawson, 28, told StokeOnTrentLive: “The dog went straight for my daughter. It went straight for one leg first, tried to incapacitate that one, and then went for the other one.

“It shook her about on the ground and then pit into her back. It looked like he’d gone for her spin. It was literally a few seconds but within a few seconds the dog had managed to do a lot of damage.”

Mr Dawson described how his daughter was eventually saved by her mother, Amy, who scared the dog away.

He said: “Her mum screamed with such a mother’s desperation. It scared the dog away. It shocked me. The first thing she could think of was to protect her daughter. She put her safety out of the window to save her.”

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Mr Dawson added: “My daughter would not be alive today if it wasn’t for my partner saving her life. The only reason we still have a daughter is because of her.”

Following the attack, Angel-Mae was rushed to Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Upon arrival, the medics found she had suffered five puncture wounds on her legs and two on her back. She also had severe bruising on her lower back and upper thigh.

Mr Dawson said: “They’ve told her she’s at a very high risk of infections so she’s not allowed in school for a week. They can’t close the wounds yet as dog bites are really toxic.”

Mr Dawson said the impact on Angel-Mae had been psychological as well as physical. He said: “She’s terrified of going outside, every time she hears a dog bark she’s terrified.

“She’s not able to walk properly, if she needs the toilet we have to help her. She keeps having small panic attacks. She’s had to have plenty of cuddles off Mum.”

After nearly losing his daughter, Mr Dawson has a message for parents.

He warned: “Do not let your kids play out without you watching, for any reason. You never know what’s going to happen.

“If we had not been in the garden and my wife hadn’t seen the dog come out, we would no longer have a daughter. I nearly lost my daughter to somebody’s dog.”

He added: “Just because there are dogs in the street, doesn’t mean they are friendly.

“People need to think that if their dogs are potentially vicious, they need to be muzzled, especially because kids can’t protect themselves.

“I love animals, I would wish for them all to have a lovely life. But if a dog is vicious enough to do as much damage as it did to my daughter, in such a short time, my honest opinion is that it should be terminated or at least put somewhere where it can be looked after, isolated away from children.”

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