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Godfather slammed for laughing at baby's rolls and saying son is 'bigger than his mum'

NewsGodfather slammed for laughing at baby's rolls and saying son is 'bigger than his mum'

A parent has shocked Reddit after saying their son was body shamed by his godfather when he was just four months old. User u/Alliaalia45 took to the social media platform looking for advice on what to do following the incident.

u/Alliaalia45 said: “I sent my sons godfather some photos of my son yesterday I thought they were cute, mind you my son only 4 months.

“He edited with a sick caption saying ‘I’m bigger then my mom’. Then today he called me and started belittling me say my son’s big and chubby he needs to lose weight I need to stop feeding him.”

They added that their godfather “started sending me photos again edited pointing out my sons cheeks and arms talking about how he has rolls laughing while still on the phone with me”.

They said they told him “multiply times I’m uncomfortable and it’s not funny my child is only 4 months”. u/Alliaalia said they were looking for advice following the shocking incident.

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Fellow Reddit users were astounded at what the godfather had said and suggested that the parent should cut the man off from their life entirely.

One user replied: “Yes!!! Absolutely cut him off!!! Also remove the title of godfather from him bc he is not even a good friend let alone good material as a godparent.

“What a terrible person 🙁 im sorry you went through that love. [sic]”

Another was astounded that the man in question had earned the title of godfather. They said “Wait a minute??? How did this person become the God father of your baby ????? Did he hide that part of his personality??

“How long have y’all known each other omg cut him OFF off. I wouldn’t be comfortable being friends with him, let alone him being around my child with what he said.”

While some were very supportive of u/Alliaalia, some were confused about what a godparent was. One wrote: “Are two not enough. Or is it measures for contingency? [sic]”

The notion of a godparent originates in religion. In Christianity, a godparent is someone who witnesses the child’s baptism and is someone who is willing to help in their spiritual formation.

The concept of a godparent is believed to have originated as early as the 2nd Century AD.

In both religious and non-religious circles, a godparent is understood to be the person responsible for a child’s upbringing if something happens to the parents of that child or those children.

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