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Golf-themed brainteaser challenges you to spot nine subtle differences

NewsGolf-themed brainteaser challenges you to spot nine subtle differences

A golf-themed brainteaser has challenged people to find several tricky differences. Puzzle makers at Betting.com created a spot-the-difference challenge in time for the Women’s PGA Championship, which launched earlier this week. People can test their mental mettle and train their brains by casting their eyes over two pictures.

The betting firm has supplied two side-by-side pictures of a golfer swinging their club on a vibrant green.

The picture is crammed with detail, with trees, birds, a cart and a tee flag in the background.

The picture on the left is the original, with the one on the right carrying several subtle differences.

There are nine in total spread across the images, taking people’s gazes from the ground to the sky.

The first difference people may notice is on the feet of the golfer, with the left-hand image having dark soles and the right-hand having brighter ones.

The next difference is in the grass nearby, with the left picture showing six blades of grass and the right just five.

There are two changes to the golf cart, as people may notice the front grill is missing a slat in the left image and that it has a different wheel design.

The remaining six differences are all in the top half of the picture.

The woman’s hat is a noticeably different colour on the left-hand side, while the ridge behind the flag is slightly closer to its pole.

In the tree above the cart, people can see the left branch is missing some of its design, while a hole in the leaves is now missing.

The final two differences are in the sky, in the clouds and birds flying nearby.

The cloud to the top left is slightly shorter in the right-hand-side picture, and the smaller bird is flying at a different angle.

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