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'Green' King Charles 'rejected Heathrow Airport plan to name Terminal 5 after him'

News'Green' King Charles 'rejected Heathrow Airport plan to name Terminal 5 after him'

Environmentally conscious King Charles has reportedly rejected Heathrow Airport’s plan to rename Terminal 5 after him. The King’s reluctance caused Buckingham Palace to speak to ministers to turn down the major airport’s offer without causing public embarrassment.

The coronation was due to be marked by Heathrow renaming of the terminal after the new King, which comes nearly a decade after Terminal 2 was renamed the Queen’s terminal. A government source told The Times the King was adamantly against the offer due to “environmental considerations”, while another said it was rejected as a result of a lack of connection between the airport and Charles.

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The Palace and Whitehall officials were approached by Heathrow this year to discuss renaming Terminal 5 due to “long standing connections” between the Royal Family and the airport.

According to Buckingham Palace the offer was turned down on government advice, but it is understood the King’s own wishes guided the minister. A commemorative luggage tag will instead mark the coronation at Heathrow.

There are tight reins on the use of the monarch’s title, name, and “Royal” description. The criteria includes if a building or site was refurbished or new, or was “very personally associated with the monarch”, according to Government sources.

For example, The Kennel Club was given royal designation last year in recognition of Queen Elizabeth’s love of dogs.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: “The granting of royal titles is done on the advice of government.”

The Cabinet Office however said that royal titles were not commented on.

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