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Harry and Meghan 'soap opera' would make for perfect reality TV, expert advises

NewsHarry and Meghan 'soap opera' would make for perfect reality TV, expert advises

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have more success being “authentic” with their fans as “people are committed to the soap opera”, according to a royal expert.

The Sussexes have faced questions of what’s next for them as they reportedly seek to move away from talking about the Royal Family and want to focus more on new projects.

However American royal commentator and podcaster Kinsey Schofield has said that while audiences across the pond are still interested in the couple, it may not be in the way Harry and Meghan would want.

She told The Times: “People are committed to the soap opera”, adding that the Sussexes need to produce more “authentic” content for their fans.

Ms Schofield criticised the recent video of Harry and Meghan making surprise phone calls to winners of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund, an organisation supported by Archewell, as “so highly produced it was inauthentic”.

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She added: “If Harry and Meghan would actually truly go the reality show route and give people a view into their lives, they would take all of the power away from these tabloids and paparazzi that Harry and Meghan claim to loathe.

“The more and more we get to know Harry and Meghan, we realise that they speak in extremes and that all of their descriptions are a little bit exaggerated.”

Back in April, Meghan signed with top talent agency William Morris Endeavour back in April, who also represents her pal Serena Williams, yet she has not announced any new deals with them since.

While they were the recent cover stars of People magazine in the US, indicating they are still a big seller, many of the headlines surrounding the couple recently have been largely negative.

In June, Archewell Audio parted ways with Spotify after just one series of Meghan’s podcast Archetypes, despite signing a multi-million dollar deal with the platform after they left behind royal life.

Not long after Spotify executive Bill Simmons accused them of being “grifters”, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the Sussexes did not meet the productivity benchmark required to receive the full headline payout from their deal.

Speaking on the Daily Mail’s Palace Confidential, Town & Country Contributing Editor Victoria Murphy explained that Harry and Meghan are yet to find their “raison d’etre” since stepping down from royal duties.

She said: “I think that is what they need, to either find that better or communicate that better.

“The Royal Family can go off and do all these things because they have this central focus at the core of their raison d’etre.

“They’re the monarchy, and that’s what they represent, and people get that and Harry and Meghan, I don’t think of either found that or communicated it properly.”

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