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Harry to be treated 'like guest' at Coronation as Sussexes 'effectively nothing' to royals

NewsHarry to be treated 'like guest' at Coronation as Sussexes 'effectively nothing' to royals

Prince Harry will be treated like a regular guest at the Coronation instead of holding a place of honour like other royals, commentator Esther Krakue claimed.

The Duke of Sussex’s return to the UK is likely to be brief, with reports suggesting he will be boarding a plane back to his Montecito home within two hours of the ceremony.

The Sussexes’ relationship with the Royal Family has remained frosty despite His Majesty’s reported attempts to restart amicable communications with his youngest son.

However, Krakue argued Harry’s treatment at the Coronation will cement the fact he and Meghan Markle “will have no place” in the future of the monarchy.

She said: “Prince Harry has no role, effectively, in the Coronation. He’s expected to be in and out of the UK in under 48 hours, and he’s expected to fly back to Montecito to celebrate his son’s fourth birthday.

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“He will not be on the balcony, he will not be part of any of the Coronation ceremonies in any way, shape or form.

“He’s basically like a guest and reports have come out to suggest this was to make Charles happy.

“Apparently, the relationship between Harry and his brother William is still on rocky territory, we haven’t heard any news from Buckingham Palace on whether there will be a meeting or any sort of reconciliation attempt.

“It’s clear that it’s a very quick trip in and out. It’s very telling of where the Sussexes, what their role is, which is effectively nothing.”

The broadcaster noted His Majesty has long been tipped to be working towards reshaping the institution to curb the number of working royals.

Krakue pointed at the King’s Christmas message as further evidence that he is not seeing a future for Meghan and Harry in his royal machine.

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She told Sky News Australia: “King Charles has always made it clear he’s wanted to slim down the monarchy, and that’s clearly what he’s doing.

“In his Christmas speech, he wished his son and Meghan well but it was really just one line so he’s made it very clear that the Sussexes have decided to leave the Roya Family as active working members of the Firm.

“They will have no place, not in the Coronation ceremony nor in future engagements.”

When they announced their departure in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex suggested they would be open to working on behalf of the Crown on a part-time basis.

However, a meeting with the late Queen, Charles and Prince William shortly after dismantled the couple’s hopes of keeping one foot in the royal door.

Instead, the King has signalled he will be going ahead with his plans to reduce the royal burden on taxpayers.

Earlier this year, he reportedly informed members of the family they would need to tighten their belts as he planned to cut expenditures.

And only a limited number of relatives with be appearing with him and the Queen Consort on the Buckingham Palace balcony following the Coronation.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are expected to be there alongside their three children. Princess Anne, who will serve as a bodyguard to her brother during the service, will also be there with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are also believed to be scheduled to appear on the balcony.

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