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Harry will be too ‘overwhelmed’ to put on 'Joker Prince' act today, says expert

NewsHarry will be too ‘overwhelmed’ to put on 'Joker Prince' act today, says expert

The Duke of Sussex will likely have too much on his mind to muster enough courage to put on the act of the Joker at the Coronation today, an expert has predicted.

The strained relationship between the Duke and Sussex and the Palace since the publication of his Memoir ‘Spare’ has given rise to speculation about how Prince Harry will conduct himself.

Body language expert Judi James said the Duke of Sussex will be too overwhelmed to put on the “bravado” required to play the Joker Prince at his Father’s Coronation.

“Harry’s body language will be telling,” told told Express.co.uk. “He is clearly angry but his book and his recent interviews have also known that one of his greatest behavioral rewards is sympathy, especially from Meghan but also from the public.”

On previous visits, the Duke has often been seen laughing and joking with his cousins, reflected Judi.

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At the Coronation, however, “he might be too overwhelmed to display the kind of bravado involved in playing the Joker prince at all,” she explained.

“We might see the haunted facial expression that we have seen before and he might be keen to emphasize a sense of isolation with his wife, not at his side.

Judi continued: “His anxiety rituals under pressure tend to be a hand to the stomach and touch to his clothing, meaning he might appear looking haunted and using checking gestures.”

His military training is likely to stand him in good stead, however, as it has taught him to perform “a poker face”, explained Judi.

Prince Harry is set to join more than 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, marking the first tie he will sit among other royals since the publication of his book Spare.

Though the Duke is expected to play no role in the Royal ceremony, his brother William and nephew Prince George are expected to play prominent roles on the day.

It comes as Harry made additional claims last week that his own father had personally demanded that he stop his legal case against British newspapers in 2019 to keep the media on the side of the firm.

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