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Hidden meaning behind Princess Diana's £50,000 wedding shoes that ‘had to have a low heel’

NewsHidden meaning behind Princess Diana's £50,000 wedding shoes that ‘had to have a low heel’

Princess Diana wore an ivory taffeta gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel to marry King Charles in 1981.

This was just one of many outstanding features from the day. Beneath the 25-foot train of the dress came one of the wedding’s most intimate details.

Fans are very familiar with Lady Diana’s wedding gown, which featured broad puffed sleeves, a full skirt with a long train, and a neckline embellished with several bows.

The Princess also wore other classic styles, like the infamous “Revenge Dress” and her casual ensembles with 1980s elements.

However, only a select few are aware of the mystery surrounding the pair of shoes that were concealed beneath the eight metres of taffeta that made up her baroque ivory wedding dress.

Princess Diana’s white heels had a little note written on their sole. 542 sequins and 132 pearls were used in the elaborate embroidery of her silk wedding shoes.

The Princess of Wales cleverly disguised a romantic message on the sole of the shoes’ arches.

The toe of the heels had a heart-shaped appliqué in keeping with the wedding’s theme. The initials “C” and “D”, for Charles and Diana, were painted under each heel with a heart in the centre, encircled by a floral pattern.

Princess Diana valued wearing footwear with a low heel according to shoemaker Clive Shilton, who designed the wedding shoes.

He said: “[Diana] was a very shy, sweet, smiley-eyed young girl. Her main concern was that she wouldn’t appear taller than Prince Charles, and because she was very tall—5 foot 10 inches—the shoes would have to have a low heel.

“No one even saw the bottom of the shoes, but it was important to us that they looked fantastic. You would have seen much more of them if she’d tripped,” he told The Daily Mail.

Clive Shilton, at the time, was known as the master of the Made in England shoe, so this was an expected choice from the Princess of Wales.

The fabric used for the wedding dress was initially intended to be used for the shoes as well, but it was too delicate and would have disintegrated.

Mr Shilton decided to use a thicker silk satin instead and soft suede was then used to make the soles so the Princess wouldn’t slip.

Making the unique shoes took the shoemaker and his entire crew six months.

A second set of the same heels were auctioned off by Mr Shilton in 2011 for more than £50,000.

A vendor who had previously worked for Mr Shilton offered a photocopy of the bridal shoe design, publicity materials related to the creation of the slippers, and two postcards containing a sample of the lace for auction in 2020.

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