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Homeowner paints hilarious message on roof in jab at nosy neighbours spying on Google Maps

NewsHomeowner paints hilarious message on roof in jab at nosy neighbours spying on Google Maps

A homeowner daubed a side-splitting message across their roof to mock nosy neighbours spying on Google Maps – but the stunt backfired as tens of thousands are now flocking to view it.

The waterside property in Lake County, Illinois was spotted by a Facebook user who couldn’t help posting a screenshot of the cheeky giant graffiti to a group filled with satellite imagery fanatics.

Google’s images show “watch p*rn, not me” written in white-coloured block capitals that span the entire black roof.

The message appears to be an overt swipe at Google Maps enthusiasts whose hobby is to search aerial images for interesting discoveries, or perhaps some nosy neighbours.

But the message appears to have backfired as Saturday’s July 22 Facebook post highlighting it now has more than 120,000 interactions.

Some even commented to mock the homeowner by claiming “the entire world” is now watching their rural property.

Historical Google Maps images show the text has been on the roof since 2008 and it has faded during the past two years.

The Facebook post by a Google Maps enthusiast said: “Near Chicago. Soon it should be a law to have a quote on your roof.”

One commented: “This poor guy or whoever is probably seeing this and thinking ‘well s***, that didn’t work out’.”

Another added: “And then suddenly, the entire world was watching THEM.”

One joked: “I can’t disagree with the homeowner.”

It’s unclear who wrote the taunting message but social media users believe it was the homeowner.

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