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Horrified girl screamed 'is my friend dead?' after hero pal stabbed to death on bus

NewsHorrified girl screamed 'is my friend dead?' after hero pal stabbed to death on bus

A terrified schoolgirl screamed “is my friend dead” after her pal was stabbed to death.

Eliyanna Andam is believed to have jumped in the way of a foot-long serrated zombie knife wielded by her attacker on a bus in Croydon, south London.

It’s now being reported that the “best friend” of the victim raced towards her schoolmate after the knife attack, exclaiming in disbelief “is my friend dead?”

Several people had to hold her back as she willed herself to come to her hero friend’s aid, The Sun reports.

Michael Fyffe, who witnessed the horrific ordeal, told Sky News: “There were loads of people who had just come off the bus and then I think two of the girl’s friends came out and they were trying to rush over towards the body.”

He added: “So myself and a few of the other people tried to hold her back and just say, ‘Look, let them try and help your friend’, and she was just screaming, ‘Is my friend dead? She’s my best friend’.”

A mother-of-two, Bridget, who was also riding the bus at the time of the attack, said: “Everybody was panicked. Two bus drivers and a lady were trying to help the girl

“She had been stabbed in the neck and chest. It seems like there was a bunch of friends then this happened.”

A local hotel employee revealed that her manager came to the aid of the stabbed schoolgirl.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Beldine Kutima, 26, said that her boss had finished her shift and had left the premises but came rushing back into the hotel after she saw the bloody ordeal.

Beldine explained that the boss, called Malaika, said she desperately needed “towels” when she dashed in from the bus stop and then “ran out with it”.

She claimed her boss “saw blood” and “was just in shock” after trying in vain to save the teenage girl, who was a pupil at Old Palace of John Whitgift school, a private girls’ school nearby.

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