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How suspicious are YOU? UK's most sceptical cities – where 1 in 3 would refuse free cash

NewsHow suspicious are YOU? UK's most sceptical cities - where 1 in 3 would refuse free cash

Is it ever possible to get something for nothing, no strings attached? It seems many Brits think not after new research revealed that one in three people in the UK’s most sceptical city would say no to a free £1,000.

Polling by Betfair Casino found that overall 26 percent of people would turn down £1,000 if offered, with the figure rising to 35 percent for those aged 25 to 34.

Mancunians are the most suspicious in the country with 29 percent saying they would be very sceptical of any freebie, followed by Liverpool, Leeds, London and Glasgow which make up the top five sceptical cities in the UK.

Suspicious Britons would reject many items if offered for free, including a cup of coffee (28 percent), a new car (29 percent) or a bunch of flowers (24 percent) all the way up to offers of free cash.

Reasons for rejecting the cash ranged from a belief there will be strings attached to the gift (52 percent), that they’d be expected to do something in return (33 percent) or that the gift itself would be shoddy or suspect (15 percent).

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To test the results of the research, Betfair Casino set up an ‘everyone’s a winner’ pop up pinball machine in Manchester city centre. Despite the promise that every single player would get a prize, dozens of people walked on by rather than taking part.

Betfair Spokesperson Sam Rosbottom said: “British life, culture and humour is steeped in scepticism and cynicism, it’s our gift to the world.

“We aren’t easy to impress and won’t fall for a lot of the scams and tricks people try to pull – and Manchester is the cynicism capital.”

Betfair conducted the research as part of the launch of its new Prize Pinball game that is free to play with a daily jackpot of £1,000.

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