How to get rid of visceral fat: A fruit to burn belly fat due to flavanol & fibre content

Visceral fat is a complicated type of fat often referred to as belly fat. The complication lies in its locality near several vital organs. Losing this type of fat is not only important for one’s overall look but mostly for one’s overall health. For those curious on how to reduce their visceral fat and therefore reduce their risk of serious diseases, the answer lies in a simple fruit.

In another study published in the National Library of Health, dietary flavanol intake and weight maintenance followed for up to 24 years was investigated.

The objective of the study was to examine whether dietary intake of specific flavanols subclasses is associated with weight change over time.

The study involved 124,086 men and women with a self-reported change in weight over multiple four-year time intervals between 1986 and 2011.

The study found that increased consumption of most flavonoid subclasses, including flavanols, flavan-3-ols, anthocyanins, and flavonoid polymers, was inversely associated with weight change over four-year time intervals.

The study found that higher intake of foods rich in flavanols, flavan-3-ols, anthocyanins, and flavonoid polymers may contribute to weight maintenance in adulthood and may help to refine dietary recommendations for the prevention of obesity and its potential consequences.

Lower blood sugar

Apples contain amylase inhibitors, which decrease the absorption of starch and sugar in the intestinal tract.

These polyphenols in apples lower absorption of sugars and prevent blood-glucose spikes while lowering the glycaemic load of your entire meal.

Eating apples on a regular basis has the potential to reduce insulin resistance, which should lead to lower blood sugar levels.

This is because the polyphenols in apples, which are found primarily in apple skin, stimulate your pancreas to release insulin and help your cells take in sugar.

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