How to relieve constipation – the 10 reasons why constipation could be FATAL

The results speak for themselves, with plenty of studies pointing towards a possible link between constipation and a shortened or lower quality of life.

In 2019, a huge observational study included 3,359,653 U.S. veterans, of whom 237,855 (7.1 percent) were diagnosed with constipation.

Dr Lee explained: “The authors calculated that those with constipation had a 12 percent higher all-cause mortality than those who were not constipated.

“The group with constipation had an 11 percent increased risk of coronary heart disease, and a 19 percent increased risk of ischaemic stroke.

“Increased mortality was also linked to the increased use of laxatives.”

Previous studies looking at a possible link between constipation and mortality have had conflicting results, but the above study included over 3.5 million participants and is thought to be the largest study to date.

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