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Huge brawl breaks out on Alabama riverfront after boat parking dispute

NewsHuge brawl breaks out on Alabama riverfront after boat parking dispute

A huge brawl reportedly broke out on the Alabama riverside after a dispute over boat parking.

Shocking videos emerged on social media showing one woman appear to be thrown into the water while another was beaten with a chair. The clash appears to be between a group of white people and Black people, although the violence quickly spreads.

According to the Daily Mail, men can be spotted gouging eachother’s eyes and hurling punches, while the woman was hit over the head with the chair. One man is even seen swimming across the river to join the altercation.

Police confirmed they were called to the scene in Montgomery at around 7pm on Saturday. Several people were arrested and officers say charges are now pending.

Footage appears to show the fracas began with a white man and a Black man at the end of a boardwalk. After being intitially struck, the Black man flings his cap off into the crowd nearby.

More people then begin to pile onto the man, before the group of brawling individuals continues to expand. Police eventually arrive at the scene to break up the fight.

Videos from the scene show the incident appeared to stem from a group of people who were moored at the pontoon. A fight breaks out between groups and the woman is thrown into the water.

Photos shared on social media show a group who appear to have been arrested after the incident. Police are believed to be investigating the incident.

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