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Humza Yousaf hatches plan to 'surrender' Scotland to EU in new SNP independence blueprint

NewsHumza Yousaf hatches plan to 'surrender' Scotland to EU in new SNP independence blueprint

SNP First Minister Humza Yousaf is set to unveil a white paper this morning with his blueprint for an independent Scotland.

The draft proposals will focus mainly on how Scotland can transfer power to Brussels by rejoining the EU.

Mr Yousaf and his party have always opposed Brexit and insisted that an independent Scotland should be under Brussels rule.

Much of the plan will focus on how Scotland could join the EU as a new member after it proved to be one of the deal breakers with voters in the 2014 independence referendum with Scottish voters.

At the time former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond had insisted that an independent Scotland would not leave the EU and be automatic members because Britain was a member state.

However, a letter from former European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barros at the time made it clear that Scotland would need to go through the application as a new member.

Countries like Spain which have to deal with their own separatist issues in Catalonia and the Basque country are understood to be unhappy about an independent Scotland joining because it would encourage independence in other parts of Europe.

But it is understood that the white paper will be “aimed at a Brussels audience” on looking at how Scotland could join quickly.

Scotland would apply under Article 49 as a third-country member but it would have to have its own currency and central bank before being allowed in.

It would also have to prove that it is a functioning democracy and that its spend-to-debt ratio was at acceptable levels.

In the past Nigel Farage has called for Scotland to have another EU referendum if it became independent and the SNP wanted it to join the EU.

Critics have said that they would be leaving the UK, “the most successful union of countries in the world” and “surrendering sovereignty” to Brussels instead.

Last year, when the consultation for the White Paper was launched, Nicola Sturgeon vowed an independent Scotland would have its own currency allowing it to join.

Currently, though, polls suggest that with the SNP in a state of chaos, Scots oppose leaving the UK and are not in favour of Scottish independence.

The SNP has just launched a new plan of winning a majority of constituencies in an election to get a mandate for independence but the debate has split the party.

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