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'I can't wear bras because of my uniboob – people don't believe me when I tell them'

News'I can't wear bras because of my uniboob - people don't believe me when I tell them'

A TikTok star has left her followers stunned after revealing she has a “uni-boob”. Kaylee Li, from the UK, unveiled her unusual physical trait online noting that she struggles to wear bras as a result.

In the video, which has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, Kaylee responded to a comment from a fan who asked “WTH [what the hell] is a uniboob?”

Zooming in, she shows that her breasts are attached by a thin piece of skin between them.

She said: “The medical term for a uniboob is symmastia.”

The condition sees breasts grow together, with little to no cleavage between them.

According to WebMD, the breasts are held together by a web of skin, fat, and tissue.

She told her 97,000 followers: “If you can tell, they are actually fully connected by this little bit of skin here.”

In a separate video, the social media star revealed that her uniboob caused her issues wearing bras, to the extent she’s had to stop wearing them.

Using a balconette bra, she shows how uncomfortable they are to wear for her.

Because bras have underwire that goes around the bottom of each boob, the wire would sit on top of her skin and irritate her.

She said: “If you can tell, the underwire is resting right above my boob, it isn’t supporting anything and is just making me very uncomfortable.

“At the end of the day, I always end up with red marks right here where the underwire is just pressing into my boob.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts with Kaylee, who goes by funsized.toy on the social media app.

One user said: “That’s so pretty, I want this”.

While another remarked: “Why are mine in different postcodes then. I want this.”

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