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I feed my 12 kids one big dish in a baby pool – I’m called ‘vile’ and ‘insane’

NewsI feed my 12 kids one big dish in a baby pool - I’m called ‘vile’ and ‘insane’

A mother decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday, in a creative way by feeding her children a massive nachos platter.

Dougherty is a mother from New York who has twelve children ranging from ages four to 17.

She and her husband, Jack, are raising a family of both adopted and biological children, and they enjoy posting about their life on the TikTok account @doughertydozen. 

This week Dougherty decided to make the ultimate snackery board by filling a kiddy-sized pool with tortilla chips, ground beef, gooey cheese sauce, veggies and drizzling over the whole creation with sour cream souce.

She posted a video of the massive nachos bowl by saying she was having a “Nacho pool party for my 12 kids.”

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In the video, Dougherty can be seen piling in the nacho ingredients, and then at the end of the video, her whole family can be seen having fun and tucking into the platter.

Dougherty’s video has gotten over two million views, and while some complimented the convenient way to feed children, other people were more critical.

One popular comment in the video comment section said: “what in the USA is this lol” while another person said: “ “I’m beyond disgusted.”

A third person wrote: “This is just a fancy trough really” and somebody else wrote: “This is not sanitary, cute idea though.”

However, many people complimented Dougherty’s cheap yet creative way of letting her children have fun.

One person said: “This is the best non-pool use for a pool ever”

Another commentator said: “Those kids are lucky to have such a fun mom, I love your family!”

“I might seem extravagant, but remember people she has 12 children to feed. This seems practical and fun.”

Someone else wrote: “People these days are so critical! I think this looks like so much fun.”

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