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'I took my neighbour's cat to an animal shelter while they were on holiday'

News'I took my neighbour's cat to an animal shelter while they were on holiday'

A woman has won praise after giving her neighbours cat away to animal control.

The woman took it upon herself to look after the pet after her neighbours left it alone for nearly a full week.

Sharing the scenario on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole? in a ‘now-deleted’ post, she added: “Six days ago, my neighbours packed up their trailer, closed the blinds on their house and left behind their unneutered male cat.”

Three days later, she noticed how the “previously unsocial cat became vocal and approachable with us (neighbours over the fence).”

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“I checked the backyard of neighbours. Food and water available.. cat no longer had a collar,” she said.

“Day four: filthy water and no food. Day five: I left a note ‘we’re concerned, phone #, please contact us, I’m going to call animal services,’ and by day six there was no food and dirty water.

“So I pulled the plug, fed the cat, called animal control and surrendered the cat.

“He’s lovely sweet, purring loving attention. Was very conflicted about sending him off to the pound, but I already have two female indoor cats that would not tolerate him.”

When the neighbours finally came home after five nights, they were “mad” at the woman, but she said: “I felt my actions came out of concern for an abandoned pet without necessities of life, but now I’m second guessing myself.”

She added how her neighbour is mad about the impoundment fee and wants me to pay it, “which I’m willing to do”.

Reddit users hailed the woman for stepping in and helping the pet when it was left in a poor state.

User Ella_Lapin said: “They left their pet alone for DAYS. If they wanted to keep the cat, they should’ve been responsible pet owners and provided care for their pet – like contacting you and asking you to feed the cat and check on him each day while they’re away.

“They’re irresponsible pet owners and the cat deserves better.’

Another user, IowaAJS, added: “They could have asked a neighbor to give it fresh food and water.”

User The_Iron_Mountie said: “Those people dropping by must have been invisible and illiterate.

“I’d say maybe you could have provided food and water for the cat until the owner came back, but you had no idea how long that would be and that shouldn’t be expected of you.

“(You’re not the a**hole) – the cat was neglected. Maybe neighbour shouldn’t have him if he can’t get someone to take care of him while he’s away.”

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