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'I was forced sell my own home after year-long fight to move caravan parked next door'

News'I was forced sell my own home after year-long fight to move caravan parked next door'

A man says he has been forced to sell his home due to an “illegally parked” caravan next door – claiming it has brought rats to the neighborhood.

George Collins says is at his “wits’ end” and claims the problem has persisted since the caravan first appeared near his residence in Portland, Oregon on year ago.

The frustrated homeowner has made efforts to resolve the matter but without success, he says. 

He even claims to frequently lose sleep due to loud noises coming from the caravan – and points to alleged dumping of human excrement down drains as the root of a growing rat problem.

Feeling like he has exhausted all other options, George is considering selling his own home and relocating for peace of mind.

He said: “I’m at my wits’ end. That’s kind of why I’m selling. I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. He disposes of his human excrement down the drain.

“When this was all real bad, there were rats I would see all the time.

“[The owner] bangs on his RV at random times of the day and it wakes me up all the time so I’m losing sleep over it.”

He has reached out to city authorities for assistance, but claims that despite a nearby city sign prohibiting parking, no action has been taken.

There is limited direct action police or the Portland Bureau of Transportation can take because they believe no laws have been violated in this case.

The RV owner spoke with reporters, allegedly claiming not to be homeless and telling them: “Don’t pigeonhole me with all these drug addicts.”

George has asked the transportation bureau to tow the caravan away but they said they are busy focusing on cases that pose physical risks. 

In a statement, the bureau said: “With thousands of reports each year about people living in a vehicle the public right of way, we are not able to respond to each person who reports a concern.

“Nearly every day, we collaborate with our partners at other agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, Portland Fire & Rescue and the Impact Reduction Program among others to determine which situations raise the highest risk to the public and the biggest impact to public safety and livability. We prioritize those areas.”


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