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IDF make terrifying discovery below Gaza school as Israel war takes sickening twist

NewsIDF make terrifying discovery below Gaza school as Israel war takes sickening twist

Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have made a terrifying discovery in an elementary school located in the war-torn Gaza Strip as the conflict with Hamas takes a chilling twist.

Troops found “dozens” of mortar shells hidden by Hamas militants in a kindergarten in the northern Gaza Strip. Israel’s forces also located a swathe of Hamas weapons hidden in an elementary school.

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit shared a video and pictures of the terrifying discovery on X (formerly Twitter).

It wrote: “IDF soldiers from the Bislah Brigade located dozens of mortar bombs hidden by the Hamas terrorist organization in a kindergarten in the northern Gaza Strip.

“In addition, Golani patrol forces raided the ‘Al-Karmel’ elementary school, where the forces found weapons hidden by the Hamas terrorist organization.”

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Since the horrific Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, which killed more than 1,200 Israelis, officials have said the terrorist organization has been using civilian infrastructure such as schools, homes, and hospitals as cover for its military activities.

In the same post on X, the IDF said forces also identified a terrorist cell in the Gaza City area, sharing a video showing a massive explosion after the terrorists were “eliminated”.

When this had been discovered, “the terrorists tried to escape from the area, the fighters led a foot chase after them and at the same time they aimed an aircraft at the squad.

“The aircraft that was directed to the location attacked and eliminated the terrorists.”

The latest developments come after a Washington-based foreign policy expert warned if Israel fails to wipe out Hamas terrorists from Gaza, it could trigger a ‘wave’ of terrorist attacks in the US and throughout Europe.

Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, told Daily Express US: Israel deserves 100 percent support from the rest of the world and has one goal – to wipe out Hamas, which is absolutely the right approach. Hamas must be crushed and destroyed.

“The US, UK and the rest of the free world must do all they can to assist Israel in destroying Hamas.

“If Israel doesn’t destroy Hamas, then we will see Hamas launch terrorist attacks on the streets of London, New York, and throughout Europe. It is in our interests for the Israelis to crush Hamas and destroy them.”

Mr Gardiner continued: “If the Israelis don’t finish the job in terms of crushing Hamas, and all indications are they will finish the job but if they don’t because of Western pressure, or a withdrawal of US support, it would be catastrophic for the Middle East and would embolden every single Islamic terrorist organization.

“If the head of the snake is not cut off, you are going to see a wave of Hamas terrorist atrocities.”

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