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I'm glad Meghan is not coming to the Coronation but why is Harry? asks CAROLE MALONE

NewsI'm glad Meghan is not coming to the Coronation but why is Harry? asks CAROLE MALONE

Hands up if you heaved a HUGE big sigh of relief when you heard Meghan wasn’t coming to the Coronation. I’m guessing the royal family together with most of Britain did. The only fly in the ointment is that the tattle tale, Prince Harry, is coming which is a shame because no one wants his “bulldog chewing a wasp” face putting a dampener on what will be one of the best days of King Charles’s life.

We’re told Harry took so long to respond to the invitation – the last RSVP date was April 3 which he missed – because he was fretting about where he’d be sitting.

Clearly, he thinks that even though he’s no longer a working royal special consideration should be afforded to his standing. The trouble is he has no standing within the royal family anymore.

He forfeited that when he sold all the private details of their lives in his vile book, Spare.

And he certainly has no standing among the British people whom he slated as racists.

Or maybe he was worried that he’d be too close to his brother Willy who I suspect will have to employ every ounce of strength not to punch him on the nose when he sees him.

Meghan has chosen to stay at home – she says because she wants to celebrate Archie’s birthday on May 6, which sounds like an excuse because she was perfectly happy to celebrate Lilibet’s first birthday when she was here for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

I suspect she’s too scared to show her face. It’s all very well spitting your bile and your accusations about a family when there’s an ocean separating you and the family aren’t there to hit back.

But it’s a whole different ballgame having to face up to people you’ve tried to destroy. And I suspect Meghan just doesn’t have the guts for it.

But why is Harry coming? Those who imagine his flying visit will be a chance for a reconciliation clearly haven’t read Harry’s book or fully understand the damage he’s done both to his family and to the Monarchy.

Kate has already said the walkabout with Meghan after the Queen’s death was one of the most difficult things she’s ever had to do – presumably because she can’t stand her and can’t bear to be in her near her.

This is why if Harry imagines he’s going to be in a prime position in Westminster Abbey with all the other royals – he needs to give his head a wobble.

William won’t want him anywhere nearby.

Nor will Camila.

Nor will Kate.

The ginger whinger has tried to destroy all of them, and they’ll want nothing to do with him.

But practically he won’t be sitting near his family because he’ll be a distraction and all eyes will be on the family’s reaction to him and not on Charles, which is who the day is all about.

I don’t even believe he’s coming out of love for his father.

If he loved his Dad, he’d never have tried to destroy the institution over which he will now reign as King. Nor would he have made all the personal hurtful remarks about him being a bad father and cutting off his money.

He has treated his father, our King, like dog dirt and you don’t do that when you love someone.

He can only be coming because there’s something in it for him – a new docu, a few interviews with the handful of pet (gullible) journos who’ll still give him airtime.

And, thank God, Meghan decided not to come. Harry brings bad enough vibes on his own, but the pair of them together – toxic!

And think about it – if he was coming in the spirit of reconciliation, he’d have brought his kids to meet the family he has largely kept them from.

Archie and Lilibet would have had the chance to meet their cousins, their uncles and aunts, their Grandma and their Grandad The King.

But no, Harry’s kept them away and he’s said he won’t even be going to Buckingham Palace after the main event, which must be a relief to everyone.

Imagine the conservation over the champagne – oh hang on, there won’t be any because no one wants to talk to him. And even if he wanted to talk to them – what on earth could he say to justify what he’s done?

I hope he’s put as far back in the Abbey as it’s possible to be. And I hope he’s booed when he walks in. He deserves to be made to feel like an outsider because that’s what he is to us all now – a dangerous outsider who cannot be trusted.

Coronation Day HAS to be about King Charles – the man who has waited his whole life to take on his mother’s mantle and nothing, especially the selfish, self-interested, publicity-mad Sussexes, must be allowed to get in the way of that.

Who cares if Harry’s furious about where he’s sitting? Who cares if he feels he’s been slighted or insulted? He has been the architect of his own exclusion from his family and his country and he must live with the consequences of that.

Frankly, we’d all be very happy if he never came back.

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