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Inside Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward's £30million mansion in Surrey with over 100 rooms

NewsInside Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward's £30million mansion in Surrey with over 100 rooms

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh and Prince Edward’s family resides in a massive, £30million mansion in Surrey with 120 rooms.

The family won’t be leaving anytime soon because Edward renewed the lease on his expansive country estate, Bagshot Park, for another 150 years.

Since 1999, not long after Edward and Sophie married, the family has called the mansion home.

The couple’s numerous media appearances over the years have also allowed royal enthusiasts to get a fleeting view of the home and its surroundings.

The Grade II-listed structure, which is only 30 miles from London and located on 51 acres of ground, is thought to include 120 rooms.

The surrounding grounds, which are part of Windsor Great Park, include a private lake and a number of stables.

To get to the front of the home, there are several diverse gardens, paved walks, and a long road.

The residence, which was initially constructed in 1609 for King Charles I, has belonged to the Royal Family for more than 200 years.

It was first a collection of little lodges that were later destroyed in 1877. After that, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn had the house reconstructed in 1879.

The youngest brother of King Charles was given a 50-year lease on the grounds in 1998; however, he has since extended it for a further £5million, according to reports.

King Charles currently owns it and it will be passed down through the family – likely to Edward’s son, James, Earl of Wessex.

Before Edward and Sophie moved there, the main Mansion House had a significant redesign as well as other upgrades.

If the royal residence ever appeared on the open market, it would reportedly fetch close to £30million.

From various interviews the couple have conducted from inside their home, fans have been able to get a glimpse of Bagshot Park. One of their living rooms boasts a gorgeous marble fireplace, sage green carpet, and cream-panelled walls.

Green striped chairs and polished wooden furnishings are also featured in this room. During the coronavirus pandemic, Sophie was seen speaking with the Thames Valley Air Ambulance while she looked to be seated in the kitchen.

A navy-blue cabinet with glass doors behind her had several china tea sets behind it. The Duchess sat in front of finely carved wooden doors for another discussion on homeschooling.

In order to further complete the picture, Prince Edward has shared what appears to be his office or study, which is furnished with a sizable oak bookcase.

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