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Internet baffled as rabbit hides in plain sight in viral photo: 'Heart skipped a beat'

NewsInternet baffled as rabbit hides in plain sight in viral photo: 'Heart skipped a beat'

The internet has been left completely baffled after social media users were challenged to see they can spot a mysterious rabbit hidden in a photograph.

A Reddit user calling themselves Find The Sniper has shared the picture in a thread on the social media platform.

The thread is solely dedicated to challenging other Reddit users to find objects or animals hiding in plain sight.

This latest image baffling the internet shows a Mountain Cottontail rabbit hidden against a rocky, desert terrain.

The challenge has been set to try and find the tiny, long-eared mammal as quickly as possible.

But in true Reddit style with these pictures, many have been left struggling to see where the rabbit is hidden.

Can you be one of the few to find the hidden rabbit in the image?

Several people have taken to social media to comment on the whereabouts of the tiny mammal.

One wrote: “Yeah I’m in a dark room and had it way zoomed in and my heart skipped a damn beat when I hit that spot.”

Other people decided to make light of the situation, making jokes such as “bunno do a camouflage” and “rock hare”.

Mountain cottontails are small rabbits that are generally confined to the intermountain area of North America, especially the Western United States.

The species ranges from just above the US-Canada border all the way south to Arizona and New Mexico and from the foothills of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and west to the eastern slopes of the Cascade-Sierra Nevada.

The mountain cottontail species generally survive in a large range of elevations of up to 6,000 feet.

When scared, the rabbit will run for a couple of meters, before hiding and freezing with its long ears in the air.

If they feel threatened by a larger animal, such as coyotes, bobcats, lynxes, or rattlesnakes, the rabbit will hop away in a semicircular path to try and trick the oncoming predator.

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