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Iran claims to have 'humiliated' American sailors in Gulf exchange

NewsIran claims to have 'humiliated' American sailors in Gulf exchange

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps claims to have “humiliated” American sailors during a tense verbal exchange in the Persian Gulf.

The IRGC said it humiliated the US Marine Corps by “forcing” the Americans to speak Farsi during the exchange as a US ship went close to Iranian waters.

Tehran’s state media claims the IRGC reportedly warned the US warship against violating its territorial waters while ordering sailors to “speak Farsi”.

“This is the Persian Gulf. Speak Farsi. Did you hear me?” an IRGC officer is heard saying in a video published by IRNA.

“Thank you very much. We heard you, we’ll contact you on channel 16,” the US vessel purportedly responds.

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An IRGC officer is then shown directing the US vessel to take a different course and threatening to “deal decisively” with the ship if it did not comply.

“This is the coalition warship. We changed our course in international waters,” a voice is heard responding over the radio in Farsi.

“We conduct regular patrols in international waters to maintain security.”

The area is on high alert after Iran seized a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Oman last week.

“Iran’s actions are contrary to international law and disruptive to regional security and stability,” the Fifth Fleet said in a statement. It urged the Iranians to release the tanker.

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