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Is this a Boris 'witch-hunt' or is the committee ruling fair? Have your say

NewsIs this a Boris 'witch-hunt' or is the committee ruling fair? Have your say

A 30,000 word report into Boris Johnson and whether he misled Parliament has found the former PM was “deliberately disingenuous” when he “tried to reinterpret his statements to the House to avoid their plain meaning and reframe the clear impression that he intended to give”.

The report recommended a 90-day suspension should Mr Johnson have not resigned and that “he should not be entitled to a former member’s pass”.

Mr Johnson’s response blasted the report as a “charade” and saying it’s a “dreadful day for MPs and for democracy”.

In his resignation, the former MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip dubbed the committee a “kangaroo court” and said: “I am not alone in thinking that a witch-hunt is underway to take revenge for Brexit and ultimately to reverse the 2016 referendum result.”

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Some Express readers believe Mr Johnson will come back, with commenter fewwef saying: “Johnson will survive anything, you remainers are in for a shock, he is the only human who could survive a nuclear blast.”

Let there be light agreed and said: “A total Witch hunt. I’m backing Democracy! I’M BACKING BORIS!”

And thisishardwork said: “Bad luck haters, Boris will return even stronger.”

However, others believe the former PM has been “banged to rights”. User redhugh said: “This report will be the nails in the coffin of Johnson’s political career. There will be no comeback from this.”

While xl1 said: “Johnson and his supporters should be all booted out of the Party.”

So is the Committee ruling fair? Or is it a witch-hunt? Have your say and join the Express.co.uk reader debate in our comments section.

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