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‘It’s not nice, but we love it’ say residents of UK’s ‘smelliest town'

News‘It’s not nice, but we love it’ say residents of UK’s ‘smelliest town'

There may be differing opinions from the local residents about where the smell is strongest in the village, but they all agree that their rural home has a constant stench in the air. The UK’s “smelliest town” is situated in Nottinghamshire, in the village of Stoke Bardolph, which is home to 601 people, according to the 2021 Census. The village, which is east of Nottingham, and on the west bank of the River Trent, has been infamous locally for 30 to 40 years because of the strange smell which is said to drift over from a local sewage treatment plant.

Despite the strong smells, locals have said they “absolutely love” the village.

One local lady moved to the village more than half a century ago with her husband who has since passed away. She said: “If the wind is in the right direction, you can sometimes smell it, but it mostly goes the other way towards Burton Joyce.”

She added: “It’s been lovely living here. We have seen a lot more people recently, there’s been an awful lot of cars parked all down this road next to the river.”

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One woman who has lived in Stoke Bardolph for more than 30 years told Nottinghamshire Live last year that the smell is worse in nearby villages.

She said: “Maybe 28 years ago it used to smell, some people in Burton Joyce and Netherfield say oh it stinks in Stoke Bardolph but the smell is actually worse in Burton Joyce I’d say, because of where the wind usually takes it.”

Sabrina Raithby, 38, who works at the local Co-op said the smells get noticeably worse in the warmer months.

Sabrina Raithby, said: “It gets worse in the summer more than anything else. It’s not a nice smell, I don’t know if there are any regulations they can put in place. The smell is more down the bottom end of the area.”

Despite the differing opinions over the smells in the area, large numbers of visitors and walkers can be seen admiring the village for its picturesque views.

The Stoke Bardolph Sewage Treatment nearby works as a sludge centre and is the largest sewage treatment plant in Nottinghamshire discharging treated water into the river Trent. It serves a population of roughly 1.4 million.

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