Joe Concha: Democratic and media messaging indistinguishable on defeated voting bill

This article is adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

Unhinged hyperbole is killing the Democrats’ message. 

The blue team attempted to overhaul the way Americans vote this week, courtesy of something called the For the People Act. But, thanks to the filibuster that Democrats couldn’t blow up, they came up 10 votes short of advancing the bill in a 50-50 Senate. Whoops!

Immediately, most of the national media and the blue team became almost indistinguishable from each other in their message. President Biden said that “democracy is in peril.”

CNN’s Jeffery Toobin, clearly not seeing the bill’s defeat as a happy ending, said the same thing, saying the bill was actually a “life or death” issue for our democracy. You know, just for effect.

Speaking of CNN “anchor” Chris Cuomo—we use that term loosely—somehow experienced road rage on national television. 

“So, how about now? How about now, Democrats? Are you ready to play to win, now? Have you had enough?” Cuomo said Tuesday during his show. 

Yup, that’s facts first from CNN.


The gaslighting was profound as Republicans sent the bill to its defeat. 

For instance, ABC News reported that the GOP blocked the bill from passing. But, then Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., attempted to turn the narrative into Republicans blocking voting rights for millions of people. 

Millions of people can’t vote as a result of this bill not passing? In 2020, more people voted in this country than any other presidential election in more than a century. 

It doesn’t sound like anyone is having any issue casting their ballots if you believe, you know, the numbers. 

But no matter: Democrats and their allies in the media will continue to talk about the end of democracy being near while regular Americans at home are rolling their eyes. 


You want to know why ratings are down nearly 75 percent at CNN from the beginning of the year and why the New York Times’ stock is tumbling?

Look at the whine with that cheesy “reporting” as Exhibit A. 

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