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Kate left mortified by Princess Charlotte's cheeky antics in public on family day out

NewsKate left mortified by Princess Charlotte's cheeky antics in public on family day out

Princess Charlotte, seven, is third in line to the throne and is rarely seen in public – but when she delights royal fans with her presence her feisty personality often shines through. It has even been said that she is the “boss” of her big brothers, with one expert saying she kept little Louis, five, in check during King Charles’s Coronation ceremony back in May.

Due to her age, Charlotte is not seen in public regularly because Princess Kate and Prince William have made it known that they want as normal an upbringing as possible for their royal brood.

But when cheeky Charlotte does appear she can steal the show with her hilarious antics that, on at least one occasion, left her mother Kate looking utterly mortified.

‌There was one stand-out occasion in 2019 when the then-four-year-old royal attended the prestigious sailing regatta on the Isle of Wight with her parents, Kate and Prince William and her doting grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

‌Kate invited her daughter to follow her lead and peer out of a window to wave at the crowd below.

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But Charlotte was not playing ball.

Instead of copying her mother, she decided to stick her tongue out in an adorable and very cheeky gesture that left royal fans in stitches.

The look on Kate’s face said it all as she appeared to be grimacing at her daughter in an attempt to get her to stop.

‌After a quick word with the toddler, Kate got Charlotte to stop but not before all the cameras managed to snap the unforgettable moment.

Despite Charlotte’s cheeky outburst, Kate and William were praised for their parenting style after a more recent outing with her children during the Coronation Bank Holiday weekend.

The family was visiting the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough where they tried their hands at archery, cooked marshmallows on an open fire and volunteered by helping to give the building a much-needed makeover.

The Prince and Princess of Wales allow their children to indulge their competitive side while always having fun, a body language expert told Express.co.uk.

Judi James said: “There was no sense that George, Charlotte and Louis had been nudged along with warnings to be well-behaved.

“The signs are that as soon as the family spot a sporting or activity challenge or an opportunity to get stuck in and compete in public they throw themselves into it with genuine enthusiasm.

“Their family team bonding appears to have an even spread when it comes to enthusiasm and enjoyment. Kate will always compete as much as William and their role-modelling means their children will copy that very equal sense of enthusiasm. “Even Louis set about filling a wheelbarrow with total, rapt enthusiasm, suggesting he throws himself into tasks at home in the same way.”

Ms James added: “Kate took her archery seriously and therefore, so did Charlotte and while his mother eyed up the target we can see George with his hands in his pockets, mirroring his dad’s splayed elbow pose as he watched to see who would be the winner.”

But Kate is also able to interact with her children at their level and enable them to feel “confident” in their own abilities, as Ms James explained: “Kate also shows her skill to create confidence in her children when they do compete or join in with play.

‌”With Louis toasting mallows at the fire she dipped down to his height to join in like another child to allow him to feel motivated but not overly parented.”

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