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Kate's sister Pippa tipped for Coronation appearance – but move divides royal fans

NewsKate's sister Pippa tipped for Coronation appearance - but move divides royal fans

Pippa Matthews has been invited to the Coronation after organisters had to make tough decisions while crafting the guestlist. While some 8,000 people watched in person as late Queen Elizabeth II was being crowned at Westminster Abbey in June 1953, only 2,200 have been invited to witness the sacred event of King Charles’s reign. And Kate’s younger sister Pippa is believed to have made the cut.

The Princess of Wales’ brother, James Middleton, and their parents, Michael and Carole, are also expected to be in attendance on May 6, it has been claimed.

A friend of the Middletons told the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden: “They are the family of our future queen, so it’s right that they should be there.”

This would not be the first high-profile royal event attended by the Middleton family since the Princess of Wales married Prince William.

In June 2012, Pippa, James and their parents were among the 1,000 people to join the Royal Jubilee flotilla on the Thames, one of the events marking late Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

A decade later, Pippa looked radiant as she joined, pregnant, members of the Royal Family in the royal box watching the Platinum Party at the Palace held on the third day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

In September, while Pippa was not among those who attended the funeral service of the late Queen, Kate was supported by her parents Michael and Carole.

If the Middletons did attend the Coronation of King Charles, it’s unlikely they would sit near Kate, as the Princess of Wales will likely be placed in a prominent position in the royal box.

Royal watchers welcomed the report of the Middletons attendance with mixed emotions, with some believing it would be right for the Middletons to be among those at Westminster Abbey on Saturday while others claiming the limited seats should go to others.

Among those happy Kate may be joined by her doting family at the Coronation was Twitter user @Fibutton, who wrote: “A lovely family who have never let anyone down. I’m so glad they are invited they deserve the honour…”

Another, @YvonneNeale2, tweeted: “It’s only right that Catherine’s family should be there.”

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Others, however, objected to the presence of the Middletons at the Coronation following reports other people close to the Firm were not included in the guest list.

Twitter user @CLG120 wrote: “They should wait till their daughter is crowned. These seats should’ve gone to Charles’s family”.

Royal watcher and Twitter user @RoyalArjan wrote: “So Lady Pamela Hicks, bridesmaid and lady-in-waiting to the late Queen and first cousin to the late Duke of Edinburgh, will not attend the #Coronation, but the Middletons will? Ridiculous.”

As noted by royal fans, one of the exclusions to the Coronation guestlists that has so far surprised the most has been Lady Pamela Hicks, the daughter of Charles’s mentor Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Her daughter India Hicks recalled receiving a phone call from Buckingham Palace during which was explained the guestlist had been slimmed down to reduce the cost of the Coronation.

Taking to Instagram, Ms Hicks said: “One of the King’s personal secretaries was passing on a message from the King. They explained that this Coronation was to be very different to the Queen’s.”

Ms Hicks, who is one of King Charles’s godchildren, added the monarch had apologised for excluding Lady Pamela from his historic day.

She said: “The King was sending his great love and apologies, he was offending many family and friends with the reduced list.”

Ms Hicks said mother had not been offended by the snub but had instead thought this was a “very, very sensible” move.

Ms Hicks said Lady Pamela had added: “I am going to follow with great interest the events of this new reign.”

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