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Katy Perry details 'wild’ plans for King's Coronation with sleepover at Windsor Castle

NewsKaty Perry details 'wild’ plans for King's Coronation with sleepover at Windsor Castle

Katy Perry has revealed her plans for her upcoming visit to the UK for her performance at King Charles III’s Coronation.

The pop icon is planning to stay at Windsor Castle and confessed the whole idea was “wild”.

Speaking with Extra’s Melvin Robert, the 38-year-old described her excitement over her royal invitation.

The singer said it was “very regal”, saying: “It was like a cursive I have never seen [before]… I loved it.” Katy described how honoured she was to be performing at the event.

Her fiancé Orlando Bloom is expected to be in attendance along with their daughter Daisy.

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The singer has established herself as a supporter of Charles’s favourite causes; in 2020 she was appointed ambassador of The British Asian Trust, a charity founded by the then-Prince of Wales.

Katy said: “I’m an ambassador to one of his foundations for the British Asian Trust, which primarily focuses on ending child trafficking, which is a huge issue of our time that people don’t talk enough about, and it just aligned with all my values… He asked me to sing and it all aligned.”

The hitmaker also indulged fans with another royal confession and revealed that she is even staying at Windsor Castle.

She added: “I’m really excited… I might be posting a lot because I’m gonna be in a castle, for real. This is wild.”

Recently, Katy became the first artist to have seven music videos reach a billion streams on Vevo and reacted to the incredible achievement.

“I always dreamt really big and I never put limits on my dreams, but it’s wild when you don’t put bowling bumpers on your dreams how big they can actually go,” she said.

“I really believe in making it happen and putting that hard work behind it and really swinging until you get that lucky moment.”

Katy is among many pop stars to take the stage for the coronation on Sunday, May 7.

Take That and her fellow American Idol panellist Lionel Richie are also performing, alongside opera stars Andrea Bocelli and Sir Bryn Terfel as well as singer/songwriter Freya Ridings

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