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Kidnapped woman details 'lovely' carjacking and intends to visit the criminals in jail

NewsKidnapped woman details 'lovely' carjacking and intends to visit the criminals in jail

A woman has told the story of a bizarre carjacking incident where masked knifemen listened to jazz with her, apologised and gave her a pep talk as they robbed her of money. Becky Brown said following the strange incident, she will even visit one of the young men in jail because she felt he had “this kindness in him” after he expressed remorse. The 73-year-old told broadcaster ABC Houston that on Tuesday at around 11.30pm she found herself trapped in her car by two men as she charged her mobile phone outside her home in Houston, Texas.

One of the men was armed with an eight-inch blade as he got into the car.

Over the next two hours, the assailants tried to wire cash out of her account using the app on her mobile but security features stopped them in their tracks. But bizarrely, during the ordeal, the victim said they all listened to jazz together on the radio.

Eventually, they forced the elderly woman to go pull $2,000 from a cash point at a nearby Wells Fargo bank while one of them told Ms Brown, who struggled to walk: “I wish I could have helped you.”

She told ABC Houston in a television interview: “There’s a dichotomy of what’s going on in our culture. I feel sorry for him in a way. From somewhere in him, he had this kindness, and he meant it.”

“I really don’t think they would have killed me, but I was concerned. Is he going to take that knife out and slash my face or my arm? It was an eight-inch blade. I just felt like if I were to remain calm, they would stay calm, and I’m here, and I’m alive.”

One of the men is now in custody with his bail set at $300,000, but the other man still remains at large.

During her ordeal, Brown called her bank and tried to make the transfer over her mobile phone.

She said during her interview: “The Wells Fargo gentleman asked, ‘Are you alone?’ I am not stupid, I am not going to say that, or I might be killed. I said, ‘No, I’m sitting out here in my car, got the windows rolled down.'”

The two robbers eventually made Brown drive to a nearby Wells Fargo cashpoint and forced her to take $2,000 out of her bank account.

Brown said she needs to have a hip operation and currently walks with a limp. When she returned to the car, one of the men said he wanted to help her to the ATM but that he couldn’t at the risk of being seen on CCTV.

After that, Brown then drove back to her home, with the two men leaving the car close to where she lives.

Brown added: “When they got out of my car, the last thing the guy, who had never said anything, said to me was, “Go to your music festivals.”

“If he were to go to jail, I would visit him. Yeah, I would go visit him.”

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