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Killer nurse Lucy Letby sent mother ‘sickening’ photos of baby with feeding tube dislodged

NewsKiller nurse Lucy Letby sent mother ‘sickening’ photos of baby with feeding tube dislodged

A mother has revealed she was sent a “sickening” photo of her baby by killer nurse Lucy Letby.

On the back of the photo, Letby wrote: “Caught in the act! (Baby) deciding she is a big girl now and doesn’t need to be tube-fed anymore! X”

Soon after Letby finished her neonatal shift, the baby girl, who had been progressing well, deteriorated and was moved to intensive care.

She was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a condition caused by brain damage, The mother now fears her daughter was harmed by the serial killer.

A brain scan at birth showed no abnormalities but eight months later, symptoms of cerebral palsy started to show.

The mother wants police to investigate and is taking legal action against the NHS Countess of Chester Hospital where Letby carried out her murders.

The mother told the Mail has been unable to look at the Polaroid since Letby’s arrest and said she burst into tears when she was found guilty.

She said: “I read the back of the photo thinking, ‘it can’t be’. Why would she take a picture of a child with a feeding tube hanging out of its nose? If that ever happened, nurses would put it back. It’s awful looking back at it now.”

Referring to Letby’s comment ‘caught in the act’, she added: “It’s shocking. It feels like a sick joke – that’s why I can’t put it up and I never will.”

Letby was found guilty of killing seven babies and trying to kill six more at the hospital between June 2015 and June 2016. 

Cheshire Police is reviewing the cases of 4,000 more children, every child admitted to the unit and one in Liverpool Women’s Hospital where Letby was trained.

Dr Dewi Evans, the prosecution’s main expert at the trial, said he has reviewed cases back to 2014 and believed he had found three more children killed and 15 harmed by Letby.

A decision on whether Letby will face a retrial on six attempted murder charges the jury failed to reach a verdict on is expected on Monday.

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