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King Charles accused of hiding his 'sausage fingers' in official Coronation portrait

NewsKing Charles accused of hiding his 'sausage fingers' in official Coronation portrait

King Charles has been accused of hiding his hands to avoid being mocked for his ‘sausage fingers’ in new official portraits released just days ahead of the Coronation day on May 6.

In a post shared by the Royal Family’s Twitter account announcing “one week to go”, Charles is photographed alongside Queen Camilla in the Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace, and both can be seen beaming towards the camera.

However, social media users were quick to point out the King’s pose – standing with his hands behind his back and out of sight, while another photo shows Charles with one hand in his pocket – leading some to indicate he was hiding his ‘sausage fingers’.

Since taking the throne last September, images of the King’s puffy hands – which Charles himself jokingly described as his ‘sausage fingers’ during a 2012 Australian tour – have swept across the internet.

At one point this year, it was the seventh most searched term on Google.

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Charles has never addressed the reason behind the swelling to his fingers, but many Twitter users were quick to suggest the King was hiding them in his latest offical portrait.

In a post retweeting the image, one Twitter user wrote: “Show us his hands cowards.”

“We’re never seeing them again brother,” a second user wrote in response.

“I can’t believe Twitter has bullied the literal King into never showing his hands,” a third added, while a fourth penned: “I want to abolish the monarchy but I do still feel bad that we have gang bullied a grown man into never showing his hands again.”

Others in the thread shared images of the King’s hands with sausages pasted over the top, while some highlighted they felt bad they had “bullied” Charles into ‘hiding his fingers’.

Meanwhile, other social media users replying to the post by the Royal Family’s Twitter account couldn’t help but draw attention to King Charles’s blue suit in the official portrait.

As the King stood alongside Camilla in a blue suit, with the Queen Consort donning a royal blue dress, many suggested Charles’s attire needed a “good iron”.

“Why didn’t he iron his suit?”, one questioned. “He always looks like his clothes need a good iron lol,” a second added.

A third chimed in: “The King needs a better tailor, that suit is awful,” while a fourth penned: “I generally like the Royal Family but dang he needs a tailor.”

Despite the King’s pose leading many to suspect he could be hiding his fingers, another solo image of Charles indicated otherwise.

In a solo portrait released ahead of the Coronation, the King can be seen sitting in a chair, with both of his hands in view of the camera.

One of his hands rests in his lap, while another drapes casually over the arm of the chair, perhaps indicating the King placed his hands behind his back in the first portrait for the simple reason of achieving a better pose.

King Charles has never addressed the reason for the swelling, but swollen fingers could be due to a number of health concerns, or water retention.

Several conditions including oedema or arthritis could be responsible, while other causes could be high blood pressure, or a high salt diet.

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