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King Charles faces 'greatest problem' as he's forced to decide between Harry and Camilla

NewsKing Charles faces 'greatest problem' as he's forced to decide between Harry and Camilla

King Charles wants “nothing more” than to make amends with Prince Harry but is torn between the love for his younger son and for his wife Queen Camilla, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a series of accusations and revelations about the Royal Family since they quit their royal duties in 2020, through interviews, their Netflix docuseries “Harry&Meghan” and Harry’s memoir, Spare.

In Spare, the prince wrote that he used to fear Queen Camilla would be a “wicked stepmother”, calling her “the other woman”.

Now royal expert Tom Bower has claimed that even though Charles would like to mend the rift between the Royal Family and his son, the wounds are still fresh and he also has Prince William and Queen Camilla to think about.

He told OK!: “For Charles, the whole thing has been painful and traumatic. The problem is that Harry and Meghan have caused so much damage, it’s hard to imagine how to repair it. But I’m sure that the King would like a solution.

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“Charles has not only got William and Kate [to think of], but he’s also got Camilla, who was very insulted by Harry and Meghan too, so that makes it a great problem for him.”

Meanwhile, an insider claimed Camilla is yet another obstacle for Charles obstacles in the road to reconciliation.

They said: “The Queen is still very deeply hurt by the comments made about her and that’s another obstacle for Charles to overcome.”

Last week, reports suggested the Duke of Sussex will be putting in a birthday phone call to his father, King Charles, on his 75th birthday on Tuesday and “well-placed” sources informed the media that he’s ready to extend an olive branch and start mending their rift.

The insider said: “It really hit home how he should try to work through this for the children’s sake.

“Charles knows he doesn’t have many more birthdays or Christmases left and wants to try to repair the rift so that his grandchildren will be a part of the family like everyone else.”

They added there is “virtually no chance of mending the damage between his two sons”.

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