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King Charles' little known skill he inherited from Queen – but failed to pass onto William

NewsKing Charles' little known skill he inherited from Queen - but failed to pass onto William

King Charles is often hailed a workaholic, jetting off all over the country – and sometimes overseas – to various royal engagements.

So, it’s a wonder he has any downtime at all for any hidden talents. But it seems the late Queen was adamant her son would learn to speak French – something he will be exercising this week on his tour of the country.

The same cannot be said for his son Prince William – who might be heard saying ‘Je ne comprends pas’ on his travels to the country despite his father’s prowess in French.

Historian Kévin Guillot explained more about how King Charles acquired the skill in an interview with Gala.

He said: “Charles III is a very Francophile king, a lover of France.”

It was a skill passed on by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, but also by his late grandmother, the Queen Mother, who spent a few days each year in a different region of France.

According to the historian, Elizabeth II and her mother used to have fun using French to tell each other secrets in the corridors of Buckingham Palace‌.

The historian added: “Charles III speaks perfect French.

“He spoke it fluently. He learned it from a very young age thanks to his nannies.”

He added: “He perfected his French at Cambridge University, when he was a student.”

However, Charles was didn’t pass on this family passion to his son William.

Although William learned French at school he doesn’t speak a lot of it, preferring German.

Meanwhile it’s been reported a “ring of steel” operation will be in force to protect the King and Queen in France this week to safeguard against terrorist attacks and disorder.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will be in France from today (Wednesday, September 20) on a state visit after it was postponed before the Coronation in May due to rioting.

Now all police leave has been suspended across Paris and Bordeaux.

France is also hosting the Rugby World Cup and Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, warned that security services will be under strain, reports The Mirror.

He said: “Security services will be stretched to the limit.

“There will have been increased security briefings on both sides of the Channel to prepare for any eventuality, especially the threat of industrial or political disturbances. This is very much a ring of steel operation.”

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