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King Charles' 'scheming' portrayal in The Crown is a 'huge embarrassment'

NewsKing Charles' 'scheming' portrayal in The Crown is a 'huge embarrassment'

King Charles III is portrayed as “rebellious” and “scheming” in the latest episodes of The Crown, according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams.

As well as focusing on the King’s portrayal, the expert claims that the season, and series as a whole, is an “embarrassment” for the monarchy.

The new season, which is being released in two parts, is the sixth and final one for the hit Netflix show.

Season six follows the lives of the Royal Family into the late 1990s and early noughties.

It focusses heavily on the late Princess Diana’s final weeks, tragic death and the immediate aftermath – as well as the development of Charles’s relationship with Camilla.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Fitzwilliams referred to The Crown as an “embarrassment”, especially for two royals in particular.

He said: “The Crown has undoubtedly been a considerable embarrassment for [King] Charles, whether as Prince of Wales or as King and also for [Queen] Camilla.”

He added: “It depicts him far from flatteringly. As played by Josh O’Connor, he was a pathetically inadequate wimpish character.

“Dominic West depicts him as scheming and rebellious as well as selfish.

“Both are fine actors but neither portrayal is flattering and the series, unsurprisingly, takes [Princess] Diana’s side.”

Speaking of the storyline, he added: “The embarrassing Camillagate tapes are included, but not Diana’s Squidygate tapes when her conversation with James Gilbey was recorded.”

It remains unclear if any of the Royal Family have actually watched The Crown, with Prince Harry being the only one to open up about watching it.

The former royal will likely watch the latest season, with Harry reportedly having “sensitivity viewer” to watch the scene with his last call with his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry will be fully aware that, due to the timeframe of the latest season, some scenes will be upsetting to watch.

According to an insider, this is to “save him” from traumatic content.

The second instalment of season six will be released on December 14. Creator Peter Morgan and Netflix previously confirmed that season six will be the final one for the groundbreaking royal drama.

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