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King Charles urged to 'calm down' and steer clear of 'divisive' issue

NewsKing Charles urged to 'calm down' and steer clear of 'divisive' issue

King Charles was warned to steer clear of getting involved with net zero as the issue is likely to become “profoundly divisive”.

Royal historian Dr David Starkey claimed the monarch has “had it easy so far” as there’s been “no real political dispute about” net zero but suggested in the future, it’s going to become a matter of “deep and dangerous and divisive political divide”.

He told GB News: “I think he should calm down. He’s had it very easy so far. There’s been no real political dispute about it, I think quite wrongly.

“All of our political parties have had a broad agreement that the climate has something terrible going on.

“Sunak’s intervention has shown that has stopped. Although he did say of course that he remains committed to the 2050 target.

“It’s quite clear that it’s going to be costly and profoundly divisive. This is going to become a matter of deep and dangerous and divisive political divide.”

King Charles referred to global warming as “our most existential challenge” during his speech at the French Senate on Thursday.

The King, who is known for his keen interest in global issues, made the comment just a few hours after Rishi Sunak announced plans to scrap net zero targets.

Charles said: “Just as we stand together against military aggression [in Ukraine], so must we strive together to protect the world from our most existential challenge of all: that of global warming, climate change and the catastrophic destruction of nature.

“In this century, [man] has started to understand that to survive, he must protect nature. This vision is all the more relevant in the 21st century.”

The expert cautioned the King and stressed perceptions towards the climate crisis are not as unanimous as they perhaps once were.

He said: “He seemed to be vindicated.

“Public opinion decided he was right, but suddenly the great unwash – people are recognising what the cost is going to be and Sunak appears to be speaking for them.

“It’s not that the King has been going on about this for a long time, but the circumstances have suddenly changed.”

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