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King Charles urged to make unprecedented move to stop Harry and Meghan stealing spotlight

NewsKing Charles urged to make unprecedented move to stop Harry and Meghan stealing spotlight

King Charles’s Coronation takes place in just over a week but his son Prince Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle continue to dominate headlines.

Speaking on Dan Wootton’s GB News show, royal biographer Tom Bower claimed the King must take control and deliver an interview.

He explained the King should have been front page of newspapers instead of Harry and Meghan when they attended a Lakers basketball game in America.

Dan began: “So Tom, look, all of these different storylines coming together. We’ve also had the leak of the information of the letter Meghan apparently sent to Charles following the Oprah interview.

“All this Tom happening 12 days before the Coronation when all our focus is meant to be on King Charles.”

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Tom exclaimed: “Well I fear it’s exactly what we’ve been predicting would happen.

“The tragedy of it all is, the photographs of Meghan yesterday smiling at the Lakers match and all of the rest of it, came from America and that dominated the news.

“Then there’s Charles and Camilla posing under a tree and for the public this is all just confusing.

“The focus should have been on Charles. He should at this moment be giving an interview about what being King of England means.

“He should be dominating the headlines but the palace has allowed the Sussexes to run away with the agenda.”

The interview sparked a strong reaction from GB News viewers, with @Ella18_Tiggy supporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex writing: “Harry and Meghan are no longer senior members of the royal family and can go wherever they want and do their own thing, that is why they left the country!

“The British media and you lot at GB news should be focusing on your working royals and more importantly the coronation.”

@sugarcane_tea agreed: “How are The Sussexes “running away” with the agenda when they don’t own, write, edit, produce any newspaper, tabloid, or morning show & won’t play ball with the media?

“You CHOOSE to write, tweet, and talk about The Sussexes. They didn’t choose you.”

@PabsSd with Tom insisting: “‘Should be giving an interview?’. No that’s not the advice his mother gave him.”

“How much talking has @danwootton done about The Coronation? None!” argued @DebPowell6.

“He doesn’t have to talk about H&M every day. It’s him and the likes of him that are taking the focus off The King.”

Prince Harry is expected to fly to the UK next week to attend his father’s Coronation while Meghan will remain in California with their two children.

Dan Wootton airs Monday-Thursday on GB News from 9pm.

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